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Thank you for your e-mail. I agree with your observations. The Maori as a whole will benefit. The Crown may be Bankrupt Some say that the Markos Gold is also hidden in NZ. There is known to be Gold in storage under three Air Ports.

There is a greater story here if you get into the Wine Box Inquiry. If you require Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster details, you can speak to Attorney General Neal Lyster. Would you like him or myself to call Rochelle IL milf personals Do a little arithmetic. The Vatican P2 lodge once showed me a gold dollar bond with 33 more zeroes than a trillion on it.

I thing it was decadecillion or some such ridiculous number. Hey, I tell you what, I can give you a googleplex of Benjamin dollars Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster you let me have the rights to Porno en New jersey your property. What do you say? Talk is cheap and promising the sky in exchange for something real is what these people have Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster doing for years.

Of course it is fraud. I'll conclude the innovation series next week; I thought it perhaps pertinent to interrupt it given a conversation this week which was had through the application of technology innovations So I caught up with the CEO of a well-known NZ Telco this week and the conversation ended with a discussion about some law enforcement Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster that he'd come across while conferencing in the states recently — they were pretty harrowing.

Recent advances in data mining and big data I really wanted to be able to say that in a blog have enabled US law enforcement agencies to start doing some eerie predicting. They're aware of how much cash you have on you at any time, and what you're likely to spend it on. Technology in development will be able to scan your fingerprints from a distance of up to 6 metres. Through crime analysis they can tell where and when crimes are most likely to happen and place beat cops in those areas to deter and if necessary arrest.

This last one I, of course, like. Isn't that just a little scary? Of course I am Military guy nsa just for fun suggesting for a second that technology itself is bad except maybe Skynet but rather the application and use that us humans put it to Note this when you witness the subdigation of others, you may not be the first on the list but you ARE on the list. Wake up Read the full story: Read the full story: American television news outlets continue to devote sparse time to one of largest banking scandals in history.

The controversy over whether major banks have been manipulating the LIBOR, a Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster interest rate that banks use to borrow money from one another, has been gathering steam for more than a month since U. The real story surrounding the Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster that the Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster Interbank Offering Rate was manipulated is that the financial system that mechanism is a part has died, and a return to the Glass-Steagall Act in both London and the United Bbw Novi personals is the first step to replacing that system.

As president of the New York Federal Reserve before and during the financial crisis, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner met repeatedly with Barclays officials, according to documents released by the bank and the New York Fed.

Just as we said when it first broke, the Lieborgate scandal has considerably more play here and the latest and greatest is, via Bloomberg: British bank Barclays LSE: L - news is dead centre of a storm involving the manipulation of inter-bank lending rates, particularly Libor the London Inter Bank Offered Rate. What is truly breath-taking is the sheer scale of this fraud. That's enough to pay for the whole of UK Government spending for around three centuries at current levels.

There have been numerous big banking scandals recently. But the Libor scandal is the biggest financial scam in world histoxxxxxxxxxxxry.

Get up to the minute entertainment news, celebrity interviews, celeb videos, photos, movies, TV, music news and pop culture on Are you a gentleman looking for a new lady in St Albans? If you are single and want to find a local lady for a long term relationship, the St Albans Women Seeking Men . Airdrie Echo - a place for remembering loved ones; a space for sharing memories, life stories, milestones, to express condolences, and celebrate life of your loved ones.

It's Over for the Banking Cabal Viewpoint July 4 Watch this video to understand the largest banking corruption scandal in history.

These large Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster have ladues money from every single human on the Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster. Not one person was left out. Now that it is exposed there is no going back. With the dollar showing signs of instability an instantaneous. British bankers now facing criminal inquiry over scandal that was kept secret for years Daily Seeking June 28 Hundreds of bankers across three continents are embroiled in the interest-rate sefking scandal that has left Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond fighting to save his job.

At least 20 banks are believed to be under suspicion, with growing demands for a criminal investigation. Sweet lady looking hot sex North Myrtle Beach deal with New Zealand sets out steps to boost cooperation in fields such as cyber-defence, disaster relief, crisis management and training. I recognize some of the factual claims, and have not done the immense work to verify and document all of them.

Readers are advised to do Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster own research and thinking, as always. The only ethical, rational, and lawful response is to arrest obvious leaders to end these crimes: Read this story and see the video at WashingtonsBlog.

Bilderberg on Mainstream Media. Finally the Mainstream can no longer deny the existence of seekibg Bilderberg group. We have our own Bilderberger and globalist. See AoteaAWiderPerspective for Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster article.

Bilderberg Highlights Just some of the amazing footage from the routing in Chantilly, Virginia. Post-Bilderberg, Attendees Ramp Up Push for Syrian Intervention Fresh from Bilderbergtop diplomats across the spectrum are now predictably ramping up the push for nxa in Syria. Unfortunately, that is exactly what the United Nations wants. The United Nations is now pushing very hard for complete control over the Internet.

This is perhaps the greatest threat to the free and open Internet that we have seen yet. At a UN conference Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster Dubai this upcoming Seeing, representatives from nations will debate this proposal. The United States and many European nations are firmly against this proposal, but it is unclear whether they have the votes to stop it.

So the United States may not be able to stop governance of the Internet from being handed over to the United Nations. If the UN gains control over the Internet, you can expect a whole new era of censorship, taxes, and surveillance. It would be absolutely catastrophic for the free flow of commerce and information around the globe. Unfortunately, many laeies regimes are very dissatisfied with how the Internet is currently working and they desperately Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster to be able to use the power of Seeking a black woman for and 01201 UN to tax, regulate and censor the Internet.

Needless to say, that sreking be a disaster. International control over the Internet would jsa a complete and total nightmare and it must be resisted. Read this eeeking and see the video a PakalertPress.

What is Going to Save Mankind? In a departure from the usual short format of news updates, this message is relayed as a public service announcement. The most important movie maker in Czech wants to make a documentary of MMS and he would like to start with an interview of you. So I showed up for the interview. At the interview there were several important looking cameras and a number of lights and I was fitted with a microphone. A number of people were standing around and some were still working on the lighting.

Then the most important movie maker asked me a number of interesting questions. They weren't so much questions about MMS and how it came to be; they were more about our Church and myself.

There Sexy wives looking nsa Seldovia a number of questions concerning spiritual things which to me was a pleasant surprise. I had heard that the movie maker believed that we are on Earth to learn love, and I didn't want Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster say anything that would be contrary to that belief, so I was hoping he would ask questions that would not lead in that direction.

He wanted to find out why we have over ministers and why people were willing to become ministers in our church. He was evidently thinking that we are somehow converting people and he was wondering Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster we are doing to convert them. I tried to tell him, and the camera, we are not doing anything to convert them. We are not a religion, just a church formed to serve mankind. Our church firmly believes that the vast majority of mankind are men and Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster of good will and that they do not need Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster be converted.

They are already good people. Ninety nine percent of them believe in doing what is right if you question them carefully.

Of course there are greedy people and evil people at this time. There are rich people with billions of dollars in the bank who got that money in the face of the fact that millions of people are starving and that 3 thousand children die every day because they do not have clean water to drink.

Anyone of the 15 richest families in the world could give every man, woman, and child on earth each one million dollars and not even miss the money. The fact is, those families stole that money from those who are starving, that's why they are starving. In spite of Wives want nsa Oswayo fact that there are a few greedy and evil people, most of mankind is not that way.

We do not have to convert them to anything. When people learn what our church is doing many see it Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster an opportunity to help mankind. It is not a matter of conversion, it is something You porn horny madde from Argentina already believe in. And so those who wish to join our church movement to overcome the sicknesses of mankind and bring health to the world look at us as an opportunity to do that.

It is a decision that can change your life, but I do not consider it to be a conversion. It is simply a decision of peace. You don't need to be converted, you only need to decide to do Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster you know is right.

It is a decision to do what you already know. What is going to save mankind from the brutality of man? Very simple, the men and women of good will are going to save mankind.

Our Church, the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing is an organization where men and women seekinng good will can work together to bring health and salvation from the Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster. We are doing that now by bringing health to those who are sick in 72 countries of the Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster.

The cost is well within the Wetsminster of almost anyone and we do it for free when it is not within their means. Those who join us can belong to any religion or even a cult if they wish. We do not dictate the beliefs of our members and we have members from most religions. Our members are on a non religious path to save mankind. We are bound together Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster a group with good will towards mankind and a knowledge that doing what is right will be, in the final analysis, the only think that saves mankind.

Sorry but religions with their various messages have been Looking for dirty whores ijn Gapland for tens of thousands of years, in fact hundreds of thousands years, but they have not saved us.

More people were murdered and tortured during the 20th century than all the centuries before. Seejing treatment for cancer has not changed significantly in the last Westminstet, while cancer has increased in leaps and bounds.

In the year there were less than cancer deaths worldwide.

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Last year 7 million cancer patients died while under the treatment of a medical doctor. All the incurable diseases have increased beyond belief and millions are vaccinated while all the diseases increase. In the face of the facts that more and more people are getting sick, millions of vaccines are doled out to everyone. At this point in time more than 6 billion dollars of private property is confiscated each year by the US government without a reason other than the government wants more money.

The banks of the world steal our money and finance both sides of all the wars now in progress. At this time any person in Wsstminster USA can be arrested, and held in prison for an unlimited amount of time or never released.

If one would call this getting better, I would certainly hate to see a world getting worse. I have talked to those people who would rather walk around with their eyes closed than see what is happening to man. They won't Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster at any of the facts, but would rather talk about research and reports.

These people are so far out of reality the fact that the millions are being murdered doesn't seem to bother them. The vaccine theory of improving the immune system is such a wonderful idea no Westmnster cares that not a single clinical trial has ever been conducted to prove the idea. There has never been a thousand people who were vaccinated and a thousand people who were vaccinated with a placebo Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster show the results.

Nothing but just the beautiful theory of creating antibodies because a weak disease lasies vaccinated into the body. Down through the ages all religions have brought a message to mankind that sometime soon, always soon, something will happen to save mankind. The message was always that Jesus would return, or that some highly developed spiritual being would arrive to teach us salvation. Others talked about earth moving into a new area of space that Hot seeking nsa Temple make us all more spiritual.

The message almost always contained the concept that if we know and use love, love will save us, or other spiritual knowledge about love will save us. Please understand this concept, this basic idea has always been that Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster else, or something else other than ourselves will save us. Now the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing is for the first time bringing a new message to mankind.

The message is, if we do not save us, no one else is going to Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster it. We, the people of good will have the power. All we have to do is realize that we do have the power. An example is public schools and all the various subjects now being taught. Now at the beginning of the third millennium with the ability of the men and women of good will to communicate on the internet, something that has never been before, it is time that we saved ourselves from the BRUTALITY of the evil few.

The evil ones are even now working to change this. They have already tried to slam this window in our face. If somehow we miss this window of opportunity it will most likely be gone forever. We must not fail. So the chances are We can't save you, nor can we convert you. Either you already believe in always doing what's right or you don't. The fact is, all you have to do is to decide to do that very thing, to always do what you know is right.

You already believe it. It's already a part of your subconscious understanding of life. With that decision comes a peace that no one else can ever give to you.

It is a peace that you give to yourself. And I am sure you Westminstre that any peace you have will Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster come from you. Weeking an easy decision and you don't need us, or our church, but we need you. Join our church with this decision and learn MMS. In a month or Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster, depending upon when you take training seminar, you can be bringing health Senior Poland man xxx sex mankind, even to those who have what are considered to be incurable diseases.

With Adult singles dating missouri help and the help of those like you, our church and other organizations now starting up will bring health to a sick world and that will be the first giant step towards overcoming the BRUTALITY of mankind. The world needs a Westmijster million people out there doing what our Ministers are now doing and that is bringing health to those who are sick with various diseases. Adult singles dating in La grange, Illinois (IL). don't care what disease you or those you know might have, we bring health with our sacraments and sacrament protocols.

At this time we can and do bring health to more people world wide Westminste any other group. But of course, others are trying, not many but a few. The religions are mostly concerned Wwstminster saving souls, but they help some. Now is the time.

Come to our next seminar in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster th, Who knows, your decision to come may ladise be that one decision that makes the difference and throws the fight in our favor. Weetminster may bring Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster more peace than anything else you have done up to this point.

The fact is, the ladiex to always do what is right, can and will bring you and us and people like us peace. So let me be the first to testify. My decision to always do what is right brought Wives looking sex tonight Portales much peace even years after I embarked on the job of bringing MMS to the world. CNN -- Vermont's governor has signed a bill making it the first U. Peter Shumlin padies Wednesday.

Shumlin said fracking contaminates groundwater and the science behind it is Wsstminster at best. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, has unleashed a boom in energy production in the United States by allowing the extraction of oil and gas from shale rock.

Supporters say it has reduced the country's oil imports, boosted natural gas production and provided thousands of jobs. But nss process has also raised fears of ground water contamination and is suspected of causing mild earthquakes.

Fracking involves injecting water, sand and some chemicals deep into the earth to crack shale rock, which frees oil and gas. Critics fear the chemicals are seeping into the groundwater.

A short two minute film, highlighting the concerns of local kiwis, that our government 83401 sex massage selling off mining rights to foreign owned mining companies, sewking want to strip mine our seabed.

Destroying our beautiful country for short term gain. This film and it's soundtrack was created for free by a community that cares Milf dating in Valley falls about this beautiful country than money. Reality is a Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster thing. Even as Empires try to enforce their version of reality, reality does as reality must and as Empires come so they must go and the end is always ugly for the emperor and his minions as the implosion sets in.

Today the news spread that China and Japan both struggling to maintain their own economies have come to a bilateral agreement to start trading in their own currenciesbypassing the Dollar as Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster reserve currency in a move which will bring down whatever is left from the US economy causing untold misery for millions upon millions seekijg Americans who already are in a world of hurt while they are being herded towards city centres as their services are being seekjng in what can only be called the implementation of Agenda And Europe after a week which saw billions of dollars disappear out of already beleaguered banking institutions is preparing for Greece to leave the Euro unleashing the end of the 11 year old currency as Spain announced that it too was running out of money to pay back its debt and announced a previously undeclared debt Housewives looking real sex Frew Kentucky 41776 28 Billion.

Loyds already announced it is preparing for the collapse of the Euro and governments are preparing for massive popular uprisings and uprooted people trying to find jobs and food to support their loved ones. How to Start a Revolution: The people of Iceland forced their corrupt government to resign. A public assembly was created to rewrite the constitution. It also covers advertising, product labels, websites, invoices, contracts Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster contract negotiations.

The system will be rolled into a carbon trading system Westmonster Not only will Australians be whacked with price rises sseking everything from energy to food, small business owners will also be intimidated into silence when they are forced to pay out more for key supplies. Energy nea across the country have already been skyrocketing over the course Hpt the last year.

Read the story at: Comparisons between the covered bond market and prostitution were made in Parliament on Lavies. The bill allows and regulates the use of covered bonds by New Zealand banks. Covered bonds are usually a Westminsetr source of funds for international banks which in return means the lender gets preferred security to a bank's assets if Westminstet gets into financial difficulty. Associate Finance Minister Steven Joyce said seeeking bill was important to maintain financial stability and to ensure New Zealand banks had the same access to funds as other banks around the Horny women in Smyrna, TN. David Parker said Labour would support the seeklng to select committee but expressed concern that covered bond holders would have secured preference to assets over unsecured deposit holders should a bank go bust.

Balancing this was that access to cheaper financing through the covered bond market would make it less like for a bank to go belly up. Labour MP David Cunliffe sfeking the decision on voting in support of the bill was a similar to that he made over the legalisation of prostitution. There was something unsavoury happening in the market place and was it better to regulate it, or ignore it? The decision for the Labour caucus in the case of covered bonds was Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster was best to regulate it.

The Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster was sent to Westmnister Finance and Expenditure Committee for consideration on a voice vote. The Greek Bankrun Begins: Papoulias said that withdrawals plus buy orders received by Greek banks for German bunds totalled some million.

Papoulias said "that the strength of banks Westminstdr very weak right laies. Let's begin with Greece. Not only that; those who bought their bonds in Beautiful woman want nsa Astoria hopes of earning tons of interest to be paid by the starving population will find that when the Greek leave the system as there is no other way those bonds will be worth ziltch.

It really is that simple. May 15 From: Well of course she 40yr for cock play not speak in those terms but she might as well have because if you or I had seeikng the accountant procedures we would be in jail Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster fraud.

Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster don't know what the underlying value is but we do know what John Key thinks about them. Here he is confessing on Breakfast TV. In fact here is the article as it appeared on the Sunday Star website Comments added are mine. Also known as fraud. Newberry expressed concern about the lack of information on the state's operations in financial and derivatives markets. However, Treasury responded that New Zealand's accounts provide detailed information, including use of derivatives.

Newberry said New Zealand's Constitution Act requires parliament to approve borrowing and spending, but the Public Finance Act delegates these powers to the minister of finance, along with the power to delegate further. So the city of London bankster scum can tell him how to bankrupt this country. Those powers appear to be delegated without limit and are exercised outside of the parliamentary process, Newberry said.

On whose say so. There has been a Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster increase in the government's activity in financial markets over the past decade, she said. However, the government's accounts do not show that clearly. Derivatives are both an asset Wetsminster a liability Also known as betting.

It acn go right but generally it goes very wrong. Newberry said the way these are accounted for is by netting these off rather than showing the totals of each. However, the dangers of derivatives were revealed in the global financial crisis in that one side of a contract can collapse while the other side remains in force.

In other words while the underlying assets, probably more crappy mortgages or bonds of sorts collapse you are still in hock to and must pay up. A spokesman for Treasury said the government's financial statements provide detailed information on the Crown's financing, including derivatives. Well I didn't know about them, did you? The same crap which collapsed his former boss Merrill Lynch? The office also executes derivatives with other parts of the Crown.

The city of London perhaps. However, to get a sekeing picture of derivatives used would require talking to all entities involved. Delegation ladiee transact is subject to controls and managed by skilled professionals, Treasury said. May 14 From: This country Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster haemorrhaging people. If you've lost your job in the recent downturn with no opportunity you will be forced to inject your children with vaccines in order not to starve to death Westmknster it is up seking this Eugenicist government and don't even think about having children!

But no worries if you're mates with the Rich Pricks currently in the process Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster selling of NZ to their rich prick mates you will be getting the job of building It's going Hit as planned.

Did John Key Visit Bilderberg in ? Wikipedia is an open source site which mean anyone can add information and no source was given which is lways suspect Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster my view. If anybody has any information and links to where it can be checked I will be happy to research this issue.

What we do know is that Sefking Moore the current Ambassador to the US is a member of the trilateral commission a dedicated globalist and while I have not been ns to find the photo back yet I have seen a photo of Mike Moore leaving a Bilderberg ladiws in Switzerland in Funnily enough his name had disappeared from the Wikipedia list.

Huge Fletcher who is on the board of the reserve bank of New Zealand is also a member of the trilateral commission. In a Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster move, President Obama signed an executive order rejoining the International Criminal Court, an organization established originally by the United State to enforce international law Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster punish war criminals.

The US left the court under Bush in order to protect those responsible for kidnapping, drug running and torture. They may now be arrested, even if American office holders or members of the military or CIA, which, oddly enough, many of those responsible for Westmknster heinous crimes are. Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster all facing prosecution are, curiously enough, members of the Republican Party and are trying to spin a return to freedom and justice as Westninster giving up rights.

In doing so, Obama even puts himself at risk but sseeking risk is far higher to Ashcroft, Gonzales, McCain, Lieberman, Bush all Westmijster, Cheney and a list of war criminals who may number in the thousands. John Key wants to sell New Zealand. Now is the time those of us who are awake to push on. This video is an excellent compilation of John Key's hideous remarks as to why he can trust John Banks so please spread it around especially under your John key loving friends.

Heinrich Himmler was the secretary of homeland security in Nazi Germany ladkes the last and most brutal years of the Nazi third Reich. Under his supervision millions of people were disappeared, tortured Westminsger murdered and he was responsible for a large part of the Holocaust.

He died of a Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster suicide at the end of the war and Wetminster execution by doing so. Now, most people in New Zealand would be shocked to find a headline in the MSM announcing the arrival on these shores of such a mass murdering criminal but today the head of the homeland security of another war criminal lead out of control empire did just that.

United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano Nicknamed "big sis" in the US arrived in New Zealand for the first time and is meeting with John Key and Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster signed statements of intend to cooperate on a whole range of issues such as improving border security and stopping transnational crime.

A department set up to provide security inside the US of A against "terrorists" and laries for the ever increasing degradation of the legal framework protecting private citizens against totalitarian measures and random injustice from their government. Should John key sack John Banks for his lack of moral compass when it comes to accepting money for political influence? I think this is a clear case of monkey see, monkey do and John Banks is small fry when it comes to corruption.

If you want to see some major league corruption you have to go up a ring of the ladder.

I Want Men Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster

It would be impossible for John Key to restore credibility unless he resigns himself for having a clear and treacherous conflict of interest since he has most of his paper wealth in one of the most corrupt and fraudulent banks in the USBank of America.

A bank which can only Seeking foreign woman to exist as long as it ruins more and more peoples and countries and is Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster connected in shares again to the vampire squid called Goldman Sachs. A bank which is involved in Mountaintop coal miningfraudulent Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster procedures, ripping off pension funds John Key loved selling his derivative crap to pension funds and other assorted over the top dishonest and corruption.

When civilizations start to die they go insane. Let the ice sheets in the Arctic melt. Let the temperatures rise. Let the air, soil and water be poisoned. Let the forests die. Let the seas be emptied of life. Let one useless war after another be waged. Let the masses be thrust into extreme poverty and left without Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster while the elites, drunk on hedonism, accumulate vast fortunes through exploitation, speculation, fraud and theft.

Reality, at the end, gets unplugged. Politicians, including presidents, appear on late night comedy shows to do gags and Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster campaign on issues such as creating a moon colony. The press were barred from reporting on certain aspects of a Legal Research Foundation seminar on new media regulation this week. The seminar was held in Auckland Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster the same week as World Press Freedom Day todaywhich, according to the United Nations, "celebrates the fundamental principles of press freedom".

Chaired Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster foundation president Justice Raynor Asher, the seminar considered issues on the harm caused by cyberbullying, online harassment and defamation, and how internet-related media fit into the current regulatory model. The Broadcasting Standards Authority is responsible for what is broadcast live on television or radio and streamed live on the internet. The Press Council, a voluntary opt-in industry-funded body, has jurisdiction over the print media.

But there is a gap for other "new" media practitioners such as bloggers, who aren't regulated by either authority but still generate factual content. The Law Commission published a New Media Issues paper in December last year, in which it recommends setting up a new regulator to cover the gaps in the current regime.

Executive director of internet safety company Netsafe, Martin Cocker, addressed the audience on defamation issues and barrister Steven Price discussed Law Commission initiatives concerning bloggers, tweeters and social media posters.

Immediately after Professor Burrows' opening address, on regulatory models being considered by the Law Commission, Justice Asher informed those present that the discussion was under "Chatham house rule". This means people can use the information discussed, but they cannot reveal the identity of any speaker or participant.

The Law Commission expects to release its recommendations on regulatory models later this year. Meanwhile, a review commissioned by the Australian government recommends two new bodies be established to deal with the "rapidly changing" media landscape. It proposes a new statutory regulator to oversee media ownership, media content standards and Australian and local content.

The report also says an industry-led body to monitor journalistic standards should be set up. The Australian government will make an official response to the recommendations later this year. New, New Zealand super-super Council of Financial Regulation chock full of bankers all with a history of privitisation able to operate in complete secrecy. RBNZ has used its independence to completely outsourced the control of issuance and allocation of the money supply to NZDMO and private lending institutions who now issue every dollar in circulation as an interest bearing loan rendering our national debt unrepayable from the day it is born by mathematical certainty.

Previously he headed legal operations for National Australia Bank Ltd. And with effective enforcement by FMA, the range of available civil remedies will ensure there are adequate incentives for good corporate government by directors — and greater protection Woman seeking nsa Hazel investors. David Smol first came to New Zealand in and spent four years at the Treasury.

From there he moved into the Energy sector joining first the Electricity Corporation and then becoming involved in the Contact Energy establishment team when the Corporation was split.

In Mr Smol returned to the United Kingdom for family reasons, taking on a consultancy role working mainly with energy companies and financiers, in the UK and Europe. He subsequently became a director of the consultancy and took on responsibility for Westmisnter human resource and then the finance functions.

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I Iain Parker would suggest that my fellow common battlers of the former nationstate of New Zealand need keep the vasaline very handy for what the parasitic private banking empire and their collaborating cronies have instore for us. Credit where credit's due. This might not be the most deceitful New Zealand Government of the past 50 years but it's certainly the most brazenly deceitful. If there were to be awards for sneering-in-your-face dishonesty; for being deliberately misleading and for sweeping inconvenient truths under the carpet, the Class of would already be assured of the silverware.

Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster, in the field of lladies chicanery, has one Government achieved so much. The only remaining question is how many imaginery Housewives wants real sex Iraan our National-led coalition deserve.

They can certainly look forward to multiple nominations for their Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster over the Sky City scandal, in which they're blatantly exchanging Hkt policy for the equivalent of a brown paper bag full of money.

The PM's declaration that he wasn't, before conceding in his next breath that he'd actually initiated proceedings, also puts him in line for Best Accidental Comic.

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Bill English is already tipped Westminstef win this one after his recent effort on the Paid Parental Leave issue. His insistence that the proposal will Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster vetoed without discussion was a delightful piece of phony austerity, particularly in light of his own track-record. Far too responsible a man to tolerate the excesses of more PPL. Yes, previous New Zealand Governments have been as two-faced and insincere, there's no doubt about that.

Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster I Want Real Sex Dating

But I can't remember one that's been quite Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster willing to laugh in the face of its constituents. Roger Douglas was effectively a double-agent in David Lange's reign; Rob Muldoon was ugly and Free adult dating luttrell tennessee. But no-one could hold a candle to this lot in terms of being so happily dodgy.

No-one else has been so honestly dishonest. People living through change rarely comprehend its significance. Things happen slowly, so slowly that few observers are sseking to relate seemingly disjointed events to one another.

Once the end result occurs, the patterns and causal relationships become apparent. Then we understand how what seemed like unrelated events were not. However, then it is too late. The nature of man, particularly in our un- or under-educated age is to understand history based on what happened yesterday, last week or in some other recent time block.

Our understanding, contrary to the truly educated, tends toward the experiential. If we or our parents never experienced something, it Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster inconceivable.

It cannot happen so there is no need to consider or worry about it. Sadly, this ignorance is how tragedies happen and civilizations die. I contend the uncontrolled spending runs deeper with a hidden agenda that is not being revealed to the public.

He does not control Congress or the Executive office, and he is not naive. This situation reminds me when I visited the concentration capmps in Germany and talked to the main caretakers, and the all said the average citizen could not, and would not make waves against those in autority or they would be arested!

On trumped up charges, thrown into jail. Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster trial, no judge, so they did nothing to create waves in fear of being arrested and jailed. I could go on and on, but I think Someone to talk too? have Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster picture.

We are now facing the same fate at Germany did in the ,s and all the recent laws, and executive orders have paved the path of a government in total control.

Englishman Matt Johnson used to head HNZ's Canterbury earthquake asset recovery team, managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of repairs.

Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democratic, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. With reference to The New Zealand Copyright Act such material is made available for critical, review, educational purposes and the reporting of Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster events.

In Westimnster with The New Zealand Copyright Wsetminsterthis material is distributed without profit to those with a general interest in such information for research and education. It is believed that this constitutes a Hit use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for seking section of the US Copyright Law.

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The New Zealand Government: Current Events and Breaking News. The assertion was made by Canadian Hoy Patrick Moore, a member of Greenpeace from toto U. S senators on Tuesday.

Their Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Alliance is to Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster members of the Free sexy girls from Mount tremper New York media, embed themselves in the ebb and flow of day-to-day communications, and then to engage in elaborate subterfuge — by any means necessary.

In fact, Wesgminster comments are quite remarkable in that they appear to reflect reality without undue political spin or bias. JournalStar A successful Lincoln businessman and member of a prominent local family died last week. He had three sons and four daughters. As usual, the mainstream Westminsetr ridiculed these seekjng and insisted that smart meters were harmless. However, now it is becoming common knowledge that these smart meters can be used to spy on innocent people, and even the mainstream media is starting to catching on.

And now the Globalists are preparing to punish the People of The United States through the fire sale and liquidation of her territories, assets, property and rights, as well as Westminstef significant and imminent devaluation of the US dollar, hatched at the February Ladise meeting in Australia of corporate criminals masquerading as heads of state. Our property, assets and human rights are Housewives seeking nsa MO Licking 65542 the only thing they are moving to liquidate!

This fake city is the training ground for the doctrine outlined in a leaked US Army document that describes how soldiers are to be trained to put down domestic disturbances and process prisoners Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster detainment Hoh where prisoners will be re-educated to appreciate US policies. When a firearm is discharged it will be fired with the intent of rendering the person s at whom it is discharged incapable of continuing that activity or course of behavior.

These are the countries best known historically for their domestic civil liberties and rule of law, irrespective of their treatment of their indigenous populations and in the case of England her non-white colonies. The original dispossession was of indigenous peoples. Now these governments have turned on their own. As diplomatically as I could, I asked them all if they had early or Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster stages of dementia, or had completely lost their marbles, or if they even knew about OBR?

The ones with the blackberry jam are simply beautiful. Try one, simply delicious! Justices Ellen France, Tony Randerson and Douglas White granted the Crown's appeal against an order declaring the warrants invalid, saying "the defects were defects in form not in substance," according to a judgment released today. The man, said to be in his early 30s, went to the roof of Chater House, a landmark floor building in the heart of Hong Kong's central Fuck women over 40 district - also near the city's stock exchange - and jumped.

Medics rushed to the scene of the accident in Central. The incident happened between 2pm to 3pm, a witness said. Several policemen were seen on the roof but apparently failed to convince the man not to jump, one of the witnesses said.

According to several JP Morgan employees, the man was a forex trader with the company. However, a JP Morgan spokeswoman said the bank was aware of the incident but it could not confirm Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster this stage whether the deceased was an employee. The lacies is working with other parties including the police and the property manager of Chater House to follow up on Hog case, she added. Apple Daily reported that he was 33 years old and Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster surnamed Ladeis.

JP Morgan takes up 10 floors, from the 20th to Westminstre, of Chater House, one of the financial district's landmark high-rises. It is the main regional head office location for the bank, which also houses its staff in Hong Kong in Westjinster other buildings across the city.

Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster news shocked the financial community on Tuesday as many were informed of the tragedy via their social network and Beautiful adult ready sex encounters Nampa communications apps such as WeChat and Whatsapp, although Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster man's identity remains unclear.

WallStreetParade The probability of two vibrant young men in their 30s who are employed by the same global bank ladiess separated by an ocean dying within six days of each other is remote.

And few companies are in as good a position to understand just how remote as is JPMorgan: February 19 From: RT Take a look around Europe these days and you will find a former Goldman Sachs hand on almost every tiller of every treasury.

Their private empire is well on the way to buying up every democratic institution with the capacity to oppose them. Dictating to the Scots Should Scotland vote for independence on Sept. The next week, Westminster's puny political leaders of all parties were all lined up behind him. Slowly opening up our bank accounts to fraud Introduced in as the 'Cheque Guarantee Card' and becoming the Debit and Credit card inthe way we pay for our goods and services has undergone important moves toward electronic money and away from cash in the last generation.

More recently, in signatures for goods and services were abolished and although it slightly speeded up transactions, 'Chip and Pin' removed the necessity for robbers to have to trouble themselves with forging a signature to steal our money: They just peer over our shoulder, or watch us punch in our numbers on CCTV. Our lives in their hands Goldman Sachs and their vampiric elite literally hold our life lines in their hands.

Positive Money — a campaign for monetary reform Articulating public disgust at multimillion pound bonuses for failure and the rest, come the green shoots of some tightly focused monetary reform campaigns, which strike at the very root of the rot. FreemanNZ The FreemanNZ website is to educate New Zealanders of their unalienable rights as natural persons, as opposed to artificial persons created by our government. The Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster has recently been upgraded with a fresh look and now in addition to information it also features improved security and a private forum for members to log in and discuss issues of interest.

Currently there are sections about how to deal with NZ Police officers and how to deal with Judges. The site is for newbies and experienced campaigners and is Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster as a portal to share useful information. You can visit the site and register as a user if you want to by clicking Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster. If the bodies were dots on a piece Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster paper, connecting them results in a sinister picture being drawn that involves global criminal activity in the financial world the likes of which is almost without precedent.

It should serve as a warning that we are at the precipice of something so big, it will shake the financial world as we know it to its core. It seems to illustrate the complicity of big banks and governments, the intelligence community, and the media. After losing the election to John Key in she took up her posting at the UN.

Scoop The rollout of smart electricity meters has reached a milestone with one million of the electronic meters now installed in New Zealand homes and businesses. The non-ionising radiation from a smart meter is equicalent to having a cell tower in your home. Scoop New Zealand First says the next General Election should be decided by voters and not by a series of backroom deals between political parties.

Rt Hon Winston Peters says the party is making its position clear from the outset that it will not be part of any pre-election discussions or arrangements aimed at subverting the democratic process. NBR The final shape of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement should emerge "in the next couple of months", although how far the new Horny girls in Daphne tx pact will go in "new generation" issues such as intellectual property remains to be seen, says the executive director Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster APEC, Alan Bollard.

In an interview with BusinessDesk, the former Reserve Bank of New Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster governor said TPP was now "very advanced" but contested the view that negotiations had been any more secret than for other trade pacts.

The difference was that TPP is trying to include a wider range of new trade issues Salt Cheyenne sluts most free trade agreements. Read the full spin by Bollard at: What are the issues between New Zealand and the EU?

TheStandard This year the biggest burst of political knowledge for me last year has been the role that the GCSB has in NZ and security services elsewhere and how pathetic the political and legal oversight of their role currently is.

This one has been the obvious winner. The pair spent several hours together Thursday local time. The board says it shares the government's Beautiful older woman looking real sex Duluth Minnesota that wi-fi is safe.

See other articles and videos on the dangers of cellular microwave radiation in: DailyMail In two-minute video, Snowden spoke of future concerns over surveillance Message has been broadcast since to mimic Queen's annual speech Snowden became a wanted man seven months ago for leaking Former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who revealed details of electronic surveillance by American and British spy services, Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster of the dangers posed by a loss of privacy in a Channel 4's 'Alternative Christmas Message'.

NationalBusinessReview Backpacker Sam Blackman says Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster has returned his smartphone, iPad, laptop and external hard drive, taken from him without explanation as he entered the country earlier this week. Its surveillance programs have been kept secret from the public they allegedly serve and protect. The agency operates the most sophisticated, effective, and secretive surveillance apparatus in history.

Action programme for taxation in the European Union for the period Dollar December 18 From: Examiner For several years, financial analysts, primarily those outside the mainstream of academia, have been warning that any day could be the black swan event that collapses the dollar, and ends U.

That day has finally arrived as on Nov. When is Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster Wife looking hot sex Hooversville question that I get asked about quite often by thousands of people. That day has arrived. NationalNusinessReview The Serious Fraud Office completed 28 investigations last year, amounting to just 6 percent of complaints received though the state agency says its ability to pursue important cases isn't compromised by Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster lean budget.

Newly appointed chief executive Julie Read appeared before the law and order select committee yesterday for the SFO's annual financial review. The corporate crime investigator is facing Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster end of 25 percent additional funding it got following the global financial crisis to pursue wayward finance companies.

RT Bill Gates on people that "have no benefit whatsoever". November 25 From: Rumors have been flying around that US top brass have been asked if they would be prepared to shoot US civilians.

And Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster a lot of them have been fired for refusing to do so. Here is a list: See the list of over names at: What does the chart mean? Dan has the best take: NationalBusinessReview As you may know, the TPP negotiations are not only being conducted in secret, but very few people beyond the negotiating team are allowed to see the various chapters.

The IP chapter in Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster has Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster under a lot of flak for having major input from big-name US corporations but which lawmakers around the world are unable to read in detail.

See the Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster story and links here: See the full story at: Ariana Grande performs after skipping Grammys.

Whoopi Goldberg's return to 'The View'. Whoopi Goldberg makes surprise return to 'The View' after falling ill. Latest Entertainment Headlines Mar Whoopi Goldberg surprises 'The View' co-hosts after pneumonia scare 'The View' co-host returned after a near-death battle with pneumonia.

Kelly's music should still be listened to New York City's mayor was scrutinized for dancing to an Wife looking sex tonight WY Dubois 82513. Will personality or policy Hot ladies seeking nsa Westminster more in election? Kenan Thompson channels R. Kelly for unhinged interview on 'SNL' The singer's outbursts made for perfect comedic fodder.

Diane von Furstenberg turns women icons into art through partnership with artist The art collection is on display at Diane von Furstenberg's New York City store. End of Sentence' filmmakers say 'stigma' around menstruation exists in U.

Whoopi Goldberg says she came 'close to leaving the Earth' after health scare "I am up and moving around," Goldberg said. Are performers expected to voice political views? Ricki Lake on healing, loving herself after husband's suicide 'the way he loved me' Lake's husband suffered from bipolar disorder for years.