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Tattooed guy looking for summer Chesapeake friend etcs

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In the case of the man in this story, the cover was the cause of all his problems: Police and friends had been searching for them since their disappearance to no avail.

Glasser was of particular interest to authorities because he was scheduled to testify in a case.

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David Glasser was all set to testify against a man named Adam Lee Hall, a member of the Hells Angels and career criminal, in an assault case. Then he vanished and obviously, the authorities suspected foul play.

Their suspicions were found to be correct when the bodies of Glasser, Frampton, and Chadwell were discovered buried outside of Pittsfield, Massachusetts 10 days after they vanished…. The police obviously had their fair share of culprits, many of them known associates of Adam Lee Hall.

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One of these friends, a man who called himself Caius Veiovis, was of particular interest to them. Caius Veiovis was 34 years old, a self-proclaimed vampire, satanist, and grade-A, all-around, weirdo. Caius Veiovis, formerly of Augusta, Maine, had his name legally changed in Back inVeiovis was still known as Roy Gutfinski.

Tattooed guy looking for summer Chesapeake friend etcs I Am Searching Men

During the course of the assault trial, Veiovis called himself a Satan worshiper and a vampire with a thirst for blood. Already a danger but not yet disfigured, Veiovis would emerge from prison a more terrifying person than he was when he went in.

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He was released on parole Tattoofd got right back to it. Inhe was charged with drug possession. Apparently, he and a friend had held two strippers in a hotel room. The girls dropped the kidnapping charges, but the drugs were enough to violate his probation and send him back to Maine.

Tattooed Man Arrested Based On Fearsome Looks But Is There More To The Story? | LifeDaily

He got out again though, and was now the number one suspect in the triple murder…. Eventually, police discovered that Veiovis had two accomplices for the deed.

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Adam Lee Hall, the man to be tried, and their friend David Chalue. According to the evidence, which was only discovered after they had pieced the dismembered victims back together, the three men kidnapped, killed, and disposed of David Glasser, Edward Frampton, and Robert Chadwell with something like a machete.

The year-old Hall and year-old Chalue assisted Veiovis by kidnapping the victims and shooting them to death. Veiovis was charged with three counts of kidnapping and three counts of intimidation of a witness in addition to the murder charges.

Unfortunately, his specific looks, while a proverbial slam dunk for prosecutors, made jury bias a real issue. It was going to be a real Chesa;eake to get an impartial group to present the case to once Caius Veiovis walked into the courtroom.

The gruesome discoveries and overly violent deaths of the three men shook the small town of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Pittsfield is ofr town of only about 44, people and as such, would be completely unusable as a place to hold the trial. That way an impartial jury could be chosen…. Obviously not too keen on going back to jail, Caius Veiovis pleaded not guilty on all three counts of murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation.

However, if he is convicted, he will be sentenced to a mandatory term of life in prison with no opportunity for parole. The prosecution hit the ground running by bringing in a witness who could place the very distinctive Veiovis at the scene. The man, a Home Depot worker named William Gregory, had seen Veiovis and another man come into his store looking to buy saws.

The defense argued that the Milf Cook Islands eyes was packed with customers on that August day, but Tattooed guy looking for summer Chesapeake friend etcs course, Veiovis stood out….

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They stopped by the wrench aisle, then the aisle with the hatchets and hammers. Fox then proceeded to pretend lioking chop the air with a hatchet and the two laughed before buying a wrench set and leaving. The plea deal the DA originally offered, conspiracy after the fact, which came with a seven-year sentence incidentally, was just not gonna cut it.

Like all his other plea deals, Caius Veiovis turned it down.

Caius Veiovis was found guilty of three counts of murder and would spend the rest of his life in prison. As for the Adam Lee Hall and David Good hung dick, two other men charged in the killings, they were already convicted and sentenced as well.

Veiovis was not about to go quietly however, and as they delivered the verdict, he screamed at the jury saying: People go on and on about not judging a book by its cover. What Tattooed guy looking for summer Chesapeake friend etcs means, is that what you find inside is often much more pleasant and enlightening than a grubby, ugly cover might belay. What people never talk about when it comes to books and covers however, is how those covers become so marred in the first place.

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